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Wear Parts

Wear Parts
Update Time:2018-05-07

Cemented carbide is superior in performance, so it is widely used in industry. Good wear resistance and high hardness, make it suitable for the manufacture of high-temperature, friction, corrosion wear-resistant parts, mechanical parts and wire drawing die. In recent years, cemented Carbide has become the best alternative to steel in a variety of industrial applications. 

From ballpoint pen tip to punching bed 、wire drawing die, or steel which used in the mill, which wear-resistant parts can be produced with cemented carbide. Most of the cemented carbide wear-resistant fittings and drilling tools are made directly from tungsten cobalt. Fine grained and ultrafine grained cemented carbide is becoming more and more important in wear-resisting parts and cutting tools of iron, non-ferrous alloys and wood. 

First Submicron carbide was marketed in the 1970s, and it was recognized that the smaller the size of tungsten carbide, the better hardness and wear resistance of cemented carbide. Since then, the finely structured cemented carbide has become more sophisticated.